Our Story

Two Brothers and The Wafer Bar That Shaped Our Childhood

Join us on a remarkable journey that starts with two brothers raised in Europe, where the wafer bar was more than just a treat – it was a part of our childhood.

When we ventured to the U.S. and began raising our own families, we encountered a void – a lack of wafer bars that met our standards for quality and taste, for our kids and ourselves.

Fueled by nostalgia and desire to recreate that magic, we delved into the world of recipes and tirelessly experimented to recreate the flavors of yesteryears while seeking out the finest ingredients.

With each whisk, each blend, and each taste test, we inched closer to perfection.

Our journey fueled by the desire to share the magic of our cherished childhood with our families has become a reality.

And now, we invite you to experience the same joy and the same delicious taste that has brought smiles to our tables for generations.

Our Values

With our shared foundation in industrial engineer, our #1 priority is reducing energy consumption and waste, including recyclable wrappers.

These changes underscore our deeply ingrained values and play pivotal role in protecting our communities while working towards a more sustainable future.

Wafer EverBar Nutrients

Lovingly crafted by two brothers who found the perfect recipe for a low-calorie, low sugar, and non-GMO treat that’s simply irresistible.

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