It has happened to the best of us, we are in the middle of a busy day and we start to get hungry, maybe even tired, with no time to sit down for a meal in sight. We’ve just got to have a snack to keep us going. Or we just need something deliciously light and crispy to indulge in, for no special reason!

We’ve made Wafer Everbar so that you can keep your energy up. Crispy wafers for a light snack without feeling heavy and premium dark chocolate for better fuel and satisfaction. Nothing complicated, nothing inflated, just a simple indulgent pick-me-up to carry you through your day.

Eat Wafer Everbar and keep on going!

1.2 OZ (35 g) bars with less calories and sugar than most bars. Individually wrapped chocolate wafer bars accompany you everywhere – perfect for breaks, outings or excursions. Just drop in your bag and go!

Cocoa solids derived from the finest cocoa beans from the Ghana and Ivory Coast Better-for-you with the health benefits of dark chocolate.

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